Our Capabilities

Test pumping of water wells is essential for aquifer characterisation and pump selection in all groundwater industries. Data collected is interpreted by Pentium Test Pumping’s customers to make informed decisions about how an aquifer will react under dynamic pumping conditions as well as infrastructure design and installation.

Our test pumping capabilities include:

Drilling Careers

Step Test

Drilling Careers

Constant Rate Test

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Artesian Well Testing

Drilling Careers

Recovery Testing

Pentium Test Pumping


Pentium Test Pumping is a dedicated test pumping company with a full fleet of all-wheel drive mine specification vehicles.

We deliver uncompromising customer service, best-practice health, safety and environmental policies and tailored test pumping solutions to provide robust scientific data for all customers.

The company has invested in technology for remotely accessing equipment. We can start, stop and make any number of changes to testing parameters remotely. We also have the ability to view raw and trend data in real-time. While the company is undertaking a pumping test on-site our clients are viewing real-time test pumping data live from their office. This gives our clients full control over test pumping conditions and our trend page gives clients instant feedback on aquifer conditions.

We also have the ability to overlay monitoring bore hydrographs over the pumping bore hydrograph. This allows for initial interpretation of aquifer properties and changes in test parameters on the fly if required.

Pentium Test Pumping Equipment
Pentium Test Pumping Equipment